Institutional Services

Leverage Cutting Edge Institutional Security Services in Toronto – Personalized Security Solutions

The security concerns of institutional establishments like hospitals, hotels, colleges, and police stations are different from residential premises. It’s essential for institutions to make sure that their staff is working in a safe and secure environment. There should be effective monitoring of access and control to ensure that no unauthorized personnel escapes detection.

Tiger Locksmith and Security well understand the institutional security challenges that you encounter when securing your institution. That’s why we take time to comprehend your unique security needs before suggesting a suitable solution. Our highly trained and qualified institutional security staff in Toronto execute various security duties. 


Comprehensive Institutional Locksmith Services 

Search no more for an institutional locksmith near me in Toronto. We at Tiger Locksmith and Security offer our customers a single, reliable source for every one of their institutional security requirements. Our services include:

  • Lock picking and re-keying
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Lock repair
  • High-security locks
  • Safe and vault services


Tiger Locksmith and Security has been providing varied services for all kinds of institutional clients that include:

  • State, military, local, and federal government facilities
  • Hospitals and healthcare clients
  • High, middle, and elementary schools, universities, and colleges
  • Every kind of private employer, like labs, manufacturers, office buildings and other commercial facilities
  • Gaming, restaurant and hotel facilities 

Huge facilities, like office buildings, hospitals, and schools, have numerous locks and doors. All of them are required to be re-keyed, serviced, or replaced at occasional time intervals. Executing these tasks can be quite a lengthy and disruptive process if not approached with optimal care. 

When you work with our team of experienced locksmiths that have full knowledge of institutional locksmithing, you can be assured that everything will be carried on smoothly and properly. 

Get Best-in-Class Security Options for Your Facilities in Toronto

From hospitals, government facilities to manufacturing plants and modular buildings, our team at Tiger Locksmith and Security specializes in evaluating and understanding the unique requirements of large operations. 

We possess the experience needed to suggest top-notch security options that align with your particular project requirements. Apart from complete institutional and facility security and outstanding workmanship, we offer the following:

  • Discretion and trustworthiness
  • Regular and well-trained locksmith
  • Minimal disruption to your facility or institution
  • Technicians that specialize in an array of services pertaining to security, keys, and locks

Our team of experts can develop master security systems that institutions and buildings commonly employ. They are also trained to maintain them throughout the Toronto area. 

We combine our full-fledged support, technology, and experience to bring to the fore the latest and top-notch security and protection for institutions in the Toronto area. With our services, you can gain an unshakeable peace of mind about the security of your premises.

We Understand the Varied Needs of Diverse Institutions

Every institutional organization is different. The security needs of a hospital are way different than that of another, like a school. Tiger Locksmith and Security know very well the unique set of needs of every institutional client. Whether you serve hotel guests or school kids, our talented team of locksmiths knows the security solution that boosts the security of your premises. 

We provide answers to all the burning questions on your mind so that you know the risks of particular solutions. Our expertise helps us narrow down a list of options for you that will offer you the best security. We ensure that your customers or employees face no hindrance while entering and exiting the premises.

Features to Enhance Security and Tracking

A majority of institutions and businesses in Toronto place a premium on the protection and safety of their clients, employees, and residents. It is imperative that only specific approved staff members should enter specific parts of an institution. These businesses may also need to monitor and track the persons who have keys, who entered at which place, and when they entered. 

Tiger Locksmith and Security has developed all kinds of entry and exit systems with an array of functionalities and features. Our expert institutional locksmiths would be glad to discuss your requirements and needs and make recommendations about the types of locks and safety equipment you might want to keep in your place.